Core Principles

The strategies

The marketing and social media strategies that I share with clients are the same as the ones I researched and taught in the classroom. My job as a consultant is to teach you how to select the right methods to accomplish your specific goals. In the end, I consider myself successful if you have the tools, information and ability to effectively design and implement comprehensive marketing strategies to consistently move your business forward.


The plan

Every facet of business needs a plan in order to avoid wasting time, money or resources. “Winging it” should never be an option in business. A written business plan provides¬†the framework and building blocks to take your business to the next level. Block by block, the plan gets bigger, and more detail-oriented leading to success.


The data

Data driven decisions make a significant difference on how a business approaches its product and/or service. ¬†With data, there’s no gray area. That gives you, as the business owner, more time to focus on solutions to make the product and/or service better.